High Cut Vol. 126 - 2PM

“When the makeup are cleaned, your eyes will become smaller… When my eyes become smaller, you guys wont be so surprised. I’m still 2PM’s Wooyoung”

Cute face without makeup ♥/

Taecyeon’s airport fashion

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lol i like this

These are the men I’ve chosen to love

I’m so sad…

I couldn’t go the Korea Times Festival tonight. I’m missing our 2AM boys D: *cries*  I shouldn’t complain though, since I saw them twice last year… but still, haha.

Here’s to hoping a 2PM LA solo concert is announced soon!!!


Off to LA. Pic credit: Couch Crew.


chananananalongWho is the most childish in 2PM?

Sooo cute! Ahaha.

taecyeon : the man of wild

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